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Help the Poor to End Poverty

Over 767 million poor people in the world today live on less than a $1.9 a day. 815 million people suffer from chronic hunger. 29,000 children die every day from poverty related illnesses. In the developing world, the majority of people live day-to-day, struggling to provide for their families’ most basic needs. The level of need is overwhelming and, in many cases, charity assistance from the developed world produces dependence and crushes initiative, rather than building dignity and producing self-reliance.

UNICEF is working on this in numerous ways, including by addressing children’s online safety, both globally and nationally. UNICEF is part of the WePROTECT Global Alliance to End Child Sexual Exploitation Online, which involves leading technology companies, international organizations, and 77 member countries. In addition, many UNICEF country offices run online safety campaigns and provide material support to national child safety and law enforcement agencies to keep children safe online. Across a range of areas, UNICEF’s Office of Innovation works to harness the power of technology and other innovations to best serve the interests of children.