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Why do we need to save water

March 19, 2020

97.5% of the world’s water is locked in seas and oceans, too salty for human use. And most of the…

Help the Poor to End Poverty

March 18, 2020

Over 767 million poor people in the world today live on less than a $1.9 a day. 815 million people…

Healthy Not Hungry

August 8, 2019

The World Food Programme, UNICEF and Project Everyone, are hosting the official launch of the year-long #HealthyNotHungry campaign at the…

Clean Water is a Right, Not a Luxury

August 7, 2019

10. Ensure Good Governance And Effective Institutions

November 14, 2018

a) Provide free and universal legal identity, such as birth registrations b) Ensure that people enjoy freedom of speech, association, peaceful protest and access to independent media and information c) Increase public participation in political processes and civic engagement at all levels d) Guarantee the public’s right to information and access to government data e)…

11. Ensure Stable And Peaceful Societies

November 14, 2018

a) Reduce violent deaths per 100,000 by x and eliminate all forms of violence against childrenb) Ensure justice institutions are accessible, independent, well-resourced and respect due-process rights c) Stem the external stressors that lead to conflict, including those related to organised crime d) Enhance the capacity, professionalism and accountability of the security forces, police and…

Kara Alaimo

November 12, 2018

Head of Communications Kara Alaimo is Head of Communications for the High Level Panel on the Post 2015 Development Agenda. Previously, as a political appointee in U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration, Kara served as Spokesperson for International Affairs at the U.S. Treasury. In this role, Kara developed the administration’s messages on U.S. bilateral economic relations…

Lysa John

November 9, 2018

Head of Outreach Lysa John is the Head of Outreach for the HLP Secretariat. She began her career in 1998 with YUVA, Mumbai, working on issues of urban poverty, governance, housing and women’s rights. In 2006, she joined ‘Wada Na Todo Abhiyan’ (Don’t Break Your Promises Campaign), helping create what is now one of India’s…

Jiajun Xu

November 9, 2018

Junior Research Specialist Jiajun Xu, Junior Research Specialist, is a doctoral candidate in International Relations at Oxford University. Her research focuses on financing for development and international development institutions. She presented “Aid as Catalyst for Economic Transformation: A Wider Vision for the Future of Aid” at the 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness Youth…

Briefing of the President of Indonesia to the General Assembly

November 9, 2018

BRIEFING BY H.E. DR. SUSILO BAMBANG YUDHOYONO PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA TO THE UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY ON THE REPORT OF THE UN HIGH-LEVEL PANEL OF EMINENT PERSONS ON THE POST-2015 DEVELOPMENT AGENDA 30 MAY 2013 Mr. President, Mr. Secretary-General, Excellencies, Distinguished Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank you for the invitation to brief…

High Level Panel Releases Recommendations For World’s Next Development Agenda

November 9, 2018

Eminent Persons from Around the World Call for a New Global Partnership to Eradicate Poverty and Transform Economies through Sustainable Development The High Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda today released “A New Global Partnership: Eradicate Poverty and Transform Economies through Sustainable Development,” a report which sets out a universal agenda to eradicate extreme…

2. Put Sustainable Development at the Core

March 19, 2016

For twenty years, the international community has aspired to integrate the social, economic, and environmental dimensions of sustainability, but no country has yet achieved patterns of consumption and production that could sustain global prosperity in the coming decades. A new agenda will need to set out the core elements of sustainable lifestyles that can work…

5. Forge a new Global Partnership

March 19, 2016

A fifth, but perhaps most important, transformative shift for the post-2015 agenda is to bring a new sense of global partnership into national and international politics. This must provide a fresh vision and framework, based on our common humanity and the principles established at Rio. Included among those principles: universality, equity, sustainability, solidarity, human rights,…