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Stakeholder Responses to the HLP Report

Civil Society Responses to the HLP Framing Questions (Jan 2013)

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Reactions to the Report

“This report is cause for celebration: it recognizes the indivisibility of universal human rights and underscores the importance of civil and political rights to development. After decades of artificial, dogmatic distinction between human rights and good governance on the one hand and development on the other, finally through the high-level UN report the interdependence of human rights is upheld.”

Article 19

“The HLP’s recognition of the impact of inequalities and its major commitment to the most marginalized and excluded people will be pivotal to ensuring that children all over the world realize their rights. In particular the inclusion of zero-based and universal coverage targets, such as ending preventable child deaths, advances the agenda for children.”

Joint statement of child-focused agencies on the post-2015 High-Level Panel report

“Australia welcomes the report’s focus on eradicating global poverty through a sustainable development path.
Ending poverty will be challenging but is achievable. To do so will require a balanced and integrated approach across all three dimensions of sustainable development — social, economic and environmental.”


“The emphasis on society as not just the object but the reason for development is commendable. Appreciating that all actors-business, government and civil society, ultimately owe their existence and legitimacy in society is central to realizing development.”

Africa CSO Platform on Principled Partnership

“The HLP report provides a strong foundation for the post-2015 process to produce a fundamental shift in how we approach international development, especially evident in a vision that encompasses poverty eradication, environmental sustainability and peace. We hope this ambition and commitment to change is replicated by UN member states as they seek to agree on the new framework.”


“We congratulate the High Level Panel for recommending a target to “ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights” under the goal to “Ensure Healthy Lives.” This again builds upon and goes beyond the existing MDGs, which include a target to achieve universal access to reproductive health by 2015.”

International Women’s Health Coalition

“Most important, in terms of challenging inequality and addressing perhaps the major failing of the MDG framework, is the commitment to (data) disaggregation.”

Centre for Global Development

“The 81-page document marks a difference in the approach adopted by… reflecting a more inclusive process through consultations undertaken and inputs received from different stakeholders.”

Arab NGO Network for Development