Response Events to The HLP Report

Date Location Event Announcement Event Report
26-27 November Brussels, Belgium As part of 'The European Development Days on Post-2015' - Andris Piebalgs, J M Severino and President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf will participate.
12-13 October Amman, Jordan Launch of the HLP Report for the ESCWA region proposed
7 October Seoul, South Korea High Level Live Discussion on the Post 2015 Conversation - as part of 'The Seoul Post-2015 Conference: Implementation and Implications' - with Sung Hwan-Kim - hosted by UNDP and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Korea
1-4 October Rabat, Morocco Discussion of the HLP report as part of the '4th World Congress of United Cities and Governments' - with Kadir Topbas and Andris Piebalgs - hosted by UCLG
27 September UNHQ, New York Global Partnership with Sustainable Growth and Equity: Making development work in a post-2015 world - hosted by the President's Special Delivery Unit and other partners
25 September New York, US Post 2015 - Health and Development - hosted by Japan, France, UNDP, WB, WHO and UNFPA
25 September UNHQ, New York Public Launch of the Universally Accessible versions of the HLP report as part of the Reception hosted by the International Disability Alliance and International Disability and Development Consortium - with Homi Kharas
2​5 September New York, US Inter-community in reality: towards a new platform for achieving the MDGS and welcoming post-2015 agenda in Indonesia - hosted by INFID, Ford Foundation and Oxfam
24 September UNHQ, New York As part of the 'UN MDG Acceleration Event' - with Andris Piebalgs and Paul Polman
24 September New York, US Discussion as part of the 'Kapucinski Lecture' at Columbia University - Introductory speech by Andris Piebalgs - hosted by the European Commission and UNDP
23 September UNHQ, New York As part of the 'High Level Meeting on Disabilities and Development' - Andris Piebalgs will speak and reference the publication of the High Level Panel report in universally accessible formats
23 September New York, US Investments to End Poverty: Report Launch - Homi Kharas will speak at this event - hosted by Development Initiatives
23 September UNHQ, New York As part of 'Civil Society Voices on Post-2015: Message from the National Level' - hosted by Colombia, Sweden and Beyond 2015
22 September New York, US Media Launch of the Interactive and Universally Accessible versions of the HLP report as part of the Social Good Summit - with Paul Polman - hosted by UN Foundation and Mashable
19 September Quito, Ecuador Academic conference for Latin America on the HLP report and Post-2015 agenda - hosted by the regional academic network, FLACSO
17-19 September Paris, France Discussion of the report as part of the 'Convergences World Forum' - with Amina Mohammed, Adris Piebalgs, J M Severino and Homi Kharas
16 September London, UK One hundred days on from the High Level Panel report - with Homi Kharas
13 September Beijing, China A New Global Partnership: Eradicate Poverty and Transform Economies through Sustainable Development - hosted by IPRCC
13 September Cape Town, Johannesburg Academic conference for Africa on the HLP Report and Post 2015 agenda - hosted by the University of Cape Town African Perspectives on the post-2015 Development Agenda
10 September Washington DC, US Post-2015 Development Goals: Going from Goals to Solutions - as part of the Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group - with Homi Kharas
2-3 September Cali, Colombia Conference on Data Revolution for Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean - co-hosted by the Colombian MFA and CEPEI
27 August The Hague, Netherlands Launch and Discussion of the HLP Report - with Amina Mohammed and Paul Polman - hosted by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Unilever Event Report
26-27 August Bangkok, Thailand Discussion of the report as part of the 'Ministerial Dialogue on Post 2015 - with Emilia Pires and Amina Mohammed - hosted by UNESCAP Event Report
23 August Stockholm, Sweden Discussion of report as part of 'Development Day 2013' - with Gunilla Carlsson and Homi Kharas - hosted by the Swedish MFA and Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE) Event Report
12-14 August Montevideo, Uruguay As part of the 'ICPD Regional Population Conference' - hosted by UN-ECLAC About the Conference
5 August Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Discussion of the HLP report - Hosted by UNECA Event Summary

Statement of Carlos Lopes, Exec. Secy - UNECA

2 August Dakar, Senegal Launch of the HLP Report - with Prof. Amoussouga and Molly Elgin-Cossart - hosted by UNDP Event Summary
30 July Cotonou, Benin Launch of the HLP Report - with Prof. Amoussouga Allucoution Du Président De La République

Summary Report

26 July Abuja, Nigeria Civil society round table discussion on the HLP Report - hosted by Save the Children and the UN Millennium Campaign Africa
25 July Ottawa, Canada Discussion of the HLP Report with government and stakeholders - with Homi Kharas - hosted by CIDA Event Summary
25 July Telcon Caribbean Dialogue on the Post-2015 Agenda Audio File

Event Summary
18 July Google Hangout Youth Dialogue on the HLP Report - with Tawakkol Karman and John Podesta (8.30am to 10am EDT) Resulting letter calling for youth panel
16 July UNHQ, New York (Conf. Room 4) Civil Society Forum CRPD Forum - with Amina Mohammed - Hosted by International Disability Alliance et al Event Report
9 July Brussels, Belgium Discussion event - Chaired by Andris Piebalgs – Hosted by the European Commission and Concord Event Summary
3 July Seoul, South Korea Discussion event - with Min. Sung Hwan-Kim - GCAP Korea, KCOC, KoFID Event Summary
2-4 July Kingston, Jamaica As part of the ‘CARICOM preparatory for the SIDS Conference’ – with Ambassador Patricia Espinosa
1 July Geneva, Switzerland A Forward Looking Discussion on the Post 2015 Agenda – with Amina Mohammed – Hosted by NGLS, et al
28 June Beijing, China Discussion event - Hosted by School of Social Development and Public Policy (SSDPP) of the Beijing Normal University (BNU) and Save the Children
27 June Online Debate Can post-2015 development goals drive climate change action?
26 June Mexico City, Mexico Launch event in Mexico – with Ambassador Patricia Espinosa – Hosted by the Government of Mexico Event Summary
24-25 June Accra, Ghana As part of “Africa Entrepreneurship Conference” – with Betty Maina and Horst Kohler Event Summary
24 June Rio de Janeiro, Brazil As part of “On the road toward implementation of the Rio + 20 Conference: the Sustainable Development Goals” – with participation of Minister Izabella Texeira and Homi Kharas Event Summary
18 June Jakarta, Indonesia National Launch of the HLP Report by President Yudhoyono
18 June Jakarta, Indonesia Launch event - with President Yudhoyono
14 June Berlin, Germany Launch event - with President Kohler Address by President Kohler
14 June Riga, Latvia Towards Post-2015 with unique experiences: Is there anything to contribute from the EU12 perspective - hosted by LAPAS Event summary
13-14 June St. Petersburg, Russia As part of the 'Civil G20 Summit' - hosted by the Russian Presidency of the G20
13 June Telcon Latin America perspectives on the HLP report - hosted by World Vision International Discussion summary
6 June Bogota-Dhaka-London-Nairobi After the Report - Responses from around the World - hosted by CEPEI, CPD, Millennium Campaign, ODI, Southern Voice Event Summary
3 June Online Live chat - Shouldn't we aim to end extreme wealth... - hosted by The Guardian Discussion summary
3 June Washington DC Presentation of the HLP report at the White House (facilitated by the Center for American Progress) Discussion Summary
31 May New York (UNHQ) Discussion of the High Level Panel Report
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