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Amina J. Mohammed

Ex Officio

Ms. Mohammed is the Special Advisor of the Secretary-General on Post-2015 Development Planning.

Amina J. Mohammed is a notable figure in international development and diplomacy.

Born on 27 November 1961 in Liverpool, UK, Amina J. Mohammed is a dedicated public servant, development expert, and diplomat who has significantly contributed to sustainable development at both national and international levels.

With her roots in Nigeria, she has consistently championed the causes of development, poverty alleviation, and environmental sustainability.

Early Life and Education: Mohammed spent her early years in Nigeria, where she pursued her primary and secondary education. She later earned a Bachelor’s degree in English, Sociology, and Communications from the University of Maiduguri in Nigeria.

Professional Journey:

  1. Senior Special Assistant to the President of Nigeria: Before her tenure at the United Nations, Mohammed served as the Senior Special Assistant to the President of Nigeria on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In this capacity, she was instrumental in steering Nigeria’s efforts to achieve the MDGs.
  2. Minister of Environment: In Nigeria, she took on the role of the Minister of Environment under President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration. Here, she prioritized Nigeria’s response to climate change and worked to protect the nation’s natural resources.
  3. United Nations: Amina J. Mohammed has had a long-standing association with the United Nations. She was pivotal as the Special Advisor to former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, where she was deeply involved in the post-2015 development planning, leading to the historic adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015.
  4. Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations: Her commitment to sustainable development and vast experience led her to be appointed Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations in 2017. Working alongside Secretary-General António Guterres, she continues to drive the UN’s sustainable development efforts, emphasizing the integration of economic, social, and environmental dimensions.

Legacy and Achievements:

Amina J. Mohammed is renowned for her relentless advocacy for the world’s vulnerable and marginalized communities. Her leadership in conceptualizing and realizing the SDGs has made her a global figure in sustainable development. With her rich blend of expertise from both fieldwork and policy-making, she remains a beacon of hope for a sustainable future.

Throughout her career, Amina J. Mohammed has demonstrated a passion for inclusivity, equity, and sustainability, making her a leading voice in the global dialogue on development.