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Fulbert Amoussouga Gero


Fulbert Amoussouga Gero is a distinguished economic analyst and academic, currently spearheading the Economic Analysis Unit of the President of the Republic of Benin, who presently chairs the African Union. With a passion for driving economic development in Africa, Mr. Amoussouga Gero has committed a significant portion of his career to researching and analyzing the diverse economies of the continent.

In addition to his pivotal role in the government, he serves as the Director of the Graduate School at the Faculty of Economics and Management at the University of Abomey. Here, he delves deep into research specializing in African economic development, playing a critical role in shaping the next generation of economic leaders and thinkers.

Through his esteemed positions in both the academic and governmental sectors, Mr. Amoussouga Gero continues to influence economic policies and strategies, aiming for sustainable growth and prosperity for Benin and the broader African continent.

Mr. Fulbert Amoussouga Gero was involved in the post-2015 development agenda, specifically as part of the High-Level Panel (HLP) on the Post-2015 Development Agenda. Then-UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon established the HLP to provide recommendations on a global development framework after the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) expiration in 2015.

Mr. Amoussouga Gero was the Lead Coordinator of the panel’s work. As such, he played a crucial role in guiding and organizing the efforts of the HLP, ensuring that its activities, consultations, and research were effectively managed and that the recommendations were comprehensive and grounded in extensive evidence and stakeholder feedback.

The panel’s recommendations significantly influenced the creation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which the United Nations member has adopted states as the primary global development agenda from 2015 to 2030. Mr. Amoussouga Gero’s involvement underscored his commitment to shaping sustainable development in Africa and worldwide.